ExpressCapetown is a SUPER fast dedicated Cape Town News, Travel & Event blog, HIGHLY active, informative and on the move.

This News website is published and run by a top Cape Town media outfit PASS MEDIA (Public Announcement Service studio), founded by the writer and managing-editor (Peter .N. Okafor and other writers); a public analyst/Photo-journalist/Entrepreneur/Travel Writer/Publisher/Social Media & Internet Marketing Consultant, Event Manager/Cape Town Blogger.

 ExpressCapetown is mountain high and valley deep in the city for the news and events. This blog is all about information and service to the general public of Cape Town first and beyond.

Just at the time the world seems to be going crazy, confused with nowhere exactly to anchor for the truth; ExpressCapetown is your best bet. We give you a place that you can return to hosting topical issues, human interests, technology, animal and our environment.

We are on top the best of current events and freelance Journalism- to provide news, information with happening now live blog and entertainment on all level of human artistry in a blog form.


We take pride in our honest reporting, unrivaled passion for current events. Everyday is a new day on ExpressCaptown, we promote and always observe fair, unbiased judgement while disseminating information to retain our exclusive image that we have created over the time.

Here at ExpressCapetown, you will find Newsworthy events, travel and health blog, Cape City Traffic – conversational message from us to your comments, opinion and feedback in the ‘Mother City’ all archived on this webpage.

You will always find high flying  breaking news on here; a unique part of us in the industry, and those exquisite elements of the mass media that focuses on delivering the best and objective information to the general public through the internet media in a different manner…Pmoney 006





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