CAPE TOWN – Western Cape police have confirmed that the circumstances surrounding an attempted murder are being investigated after a 21-year-old male was assaulted on Thursday at 6.30am on a farm in Klapmuts.

According to a Facebook post that has been widely shared, a farmer reportedly assaulted a local security officer at his farm.

The post states that according to eyewitness accounts, the farmer tied the young security guard to a pole and assaulted him with a heavy chain.

The victim apparently works for Special Protection Services, a company that delivers security services to farms in the region.


The Facebook post says that in a statement the man described how the farmer repeatedly hit him with a heavy chain through his face and all over his body while he was tied to a pole with another chain. He sustained serious injuries including, a torn palate, a broken nose and ribs as well as torn calf muscles.

The security guard reportedly called the farmer during the early morning hours to alert him of suspicious activity at his farm. The farmer then responded in person the following morning accusing him of lying and assaulted him.

According to the Facebook post, the farm where the assault is alleged to have happened is Eenzaamheid Wines.

Eenzammheid Wines have released a statement in response to the allegations.

“We are aware of the serious allegations against a family member who has never been employed by Eenzaamheid Wines and has absolutely no link to the Eenzaamheid wine brand at all. Eenzaamheid Wines strongly condemns the alleged offencees and distance ourselves from such behaviour. At this stage we cannot comment in more detail,” Janno Briers-Louw, managing director of Eenzaamheid Wines said.



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