Dubai worker kills boss for rejecting leave request

DUBAI – A technician faced charges of premeditated murder after stabbing his boss to death for refusing to grant him a leave, a Dubai court heard on Sunday. The 25-year-old Pakistani technician had requested a leave from his Indian supervisor a week before the incident, but the latter rejected the request.

On the day of the incident, the accused asked the supervisor about his request. When the victim ignored his question, the defendant attacked him with a sharp knife. He stabbed the victim in the chest and stomach, court records revealed.

The accused also tried to attack a coworker with the same knife as he walked to the crime scene that took place in a labour accommodation in Jebel Ali. The coworker dodged the knife and was able to grip the defendant’s hands, forcing him to drop the knife.

According to court records, the defendant had admitted to prosecutors that he stabbed the supervisor after a heated argument. However, he denied the charges at the Court of First Instance.

A police brigadier who went to the crime scene told prosecutors that the defendant killed the supervisor over work-related and accommodation conflicts. The brigadier said he found the accused restrained at the crime scene and his hands and clothes were covered in blood.

Medical records confirmed that the victim had died of wounds in the lungs and liver.

The case was adjourned to January 14.

Khaleej Times

PHOTO: © Provided by Khaleej Times Dubai worker kills boss for rejecting leave request


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