DStv gets nailed for “repeats”

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) has ruled against MultiChoice for promoting

repeats as new content.

According to Mybroadband report, the DStv commercial in question promoted Mom season 3 on Comedy Central, with a voiceover stating “Mom 3 brand new season, Tuesday only on Comedy Central”.

A consumer lodged a complaint with the ASA, arguing that MultiChoice advertises “old content that is being repeated for the umpteenth time” as new content.

She then pointed out that the advertisement for a “brand new series of Doc Martin” was also recycled content.

MultiChoice responded, saying the series Mom was previously aired on M-Net channels, but the promotion was for a different channel – Comedy Central.

It added that Mom was going to feature on Comedy Central for the first time and was new to the channel.

“M-Net is not accessible to Compact Plus subscribers and therefore they would not have watched the sitcom,” said MultiChoice.

The ASA was not convinced by MultiChoice’s arguments, saying the fact that it used the term “brand new” for repeated content is misleading.

It ruled that the claim “Mom 3 brand new season, Tuesday only on Comedy Central” was therefore misleading.

The ASA ordered MultiChoice to withdraw the claim from its advertising with immediate effect.


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