CAPE TOWN – The Table View Neighbourhood Watch has been accused of attacking vagrants after video surfaced of them attacking a female vagrant while doing night patrols.
“I do patrols late at night and I have a dash camera in my vehicle, and late on a Thursday night I saw a woman walking and the Neighbourhood Watch members surrounded her and started hitting her,” said Table View resident Gavin Paul.
The incident took place at 10.48pm in the video footage, which the Cape Argus has in its possession. It shows a strong presence of vehicles surrounding the woman, who is then attacked. The woman in the video was Olivia Olyn, who lives in Happy Valley. She said she was attacked for no apparent reason.

“They surrounded me and started hitting and kicking me, and punching me,” she said. Olyn added that before they attacked her they sprayed her with pepper spray.

“I was so angry and I was so confused. Why would they do this to me?” she said.

Paul said when he witnessed the incident he immediately knew they had to be exposed. “We should be concerned, because where does it end?”

The Neighbourhood Watch has its own Facebook page which consists mostly of residents urging each other to be on the look-out for vagrants. Residents post regular pictures of homeless people either sleeping in the parks or walking in suburbs.

Neighbourhood Watch chairperson Grant Lemos responded: “I don’t condone any violence on anyone and I will look into this. My members are not allowed to approach anyone one-on-one.”

Lemos urged those who had evidence to come forward. “If anyone has anything to raise about any of my members, they need to raise it with me. And if there is evidence I will go to the top of the mountains to sort this out,” Lemos said.
Cape Argus/Iol

PHOTO: PATROL SITE: Brander Lane in Table View where a women was allegedly assaulted by the Table View Neighbourhood Watch. Picture: Henk Kruger/ANA


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