The down under of Africa, South Africa gives a home to many people from all around the world. One of the most lively cities of the southwest coast is Cape Town.

The nightlife is amazing, as the friendly and colorful people celebrate their culture loud and proud. However, when travelling to Cape Town remember that it’s a port city, and the amount of trade that goes through is amazing.

This is why it’s also important to realize the harbor is busy with boats that are heading to the local islands that once even held Nelson Mandela. The country has a historical vibe still within it as the rapidly changing culture from West to more Africanized is occurring. It’s a once in a lifetime trip to visit to Table Mountain where you can look down upon the city from an awesome viewpoint.

The cable cars are often the main transport up, so you’ve got to come early in the day to get ahead. There are so many things you can do and here are just some of them.


Shark diving

It just wouldn’t be Cape Town without a spot of shark diving. It’s safe as can be because professional crews that organize dives for tourists do so with state of the art metal cages. Strong and sturdy, they allow you to get up close to the great white sharks that roam the southwest coast. By feeding the shark bait, you can see closely how the animal hunts and builds up speed in the water. Far from being the mindless creatures often portrayed as in movies, you’ll get an education on how complex their anatomy is. You’ll understand how they use electrodes in their nose to pick up signs of blood in the water and also, how they socially interact with each other.

Table Mountain

If you’re looking for  Things to do in Cape Town, look no further than the secret Table Mountain adventure. First, you’ll hike up the mountain, going through different passes that have their own character. At first, you’ll be treading on the grassy lands, and as you approach the mountainous terrain, you’ll be in one of the multiple rock formations. As you get higher and higher, now you’ll be on the designated footpaths, and using safety lines to get across the treacherous parts. At the end, you’ll be standing just over one kilometer above sea level, and looking down on the beautiful picturesque nature of Cape Town.

Wine Tour

Going on a full day wine tour is really something that you’ll never forget. South Africa is fast becoming the place to be if you want to drink and buy some of the best wines in Africa. The climate is just right to grow ripe grapes that are both sweet and bitter. You’ll sample some of the most full and punchy red wines in the country, as well as sip on the delicate tones of white wines. You’ll also get a chance to buy some exclusively at the end of the tour.

South Africa is truly a jewel in the southern part of the continent. It’s one of the most vibrant places on earth and is continuously growing. Trekking up the Table Mountain to look down below onto the city of Cape Town will give you a true sense of its scale. Diving with sharks and drinking wine to finish off your day is by no means, out of the realm of possibility.


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