Pistol file photo

TABLE VIEW,WEST COAST – TABLE VIEW POLICE have again renewed their calls for members of the public to be aware of their surroundings and to be vigilant against potential armed robbers.

This comes after two people from Site 5, Table View, were robbed by an armed gunman a week ago.

Captain Adriana Chandler, police spokesperson, says the incident, in which one of the victims was shot and wounded, occurred on Wednesday 15 November.

She says the two friends were sitting next to one another near a café in the area, busy exchanging music from one phone to another, when the attack occurred.

“The two friends heard a loud noise resembling a gunshot. The next moment, an unknown armed man appeared waving a gun at them. The suspect demanded their phones and cash.

“One of the victims handed over his cellphone, but the other one hesitated and started to argue with the suspect Without warning, the suspect fired one shot at the victim, hitting him in the leg,” Chandler says.

The suspect grabbed the second cellphone and ran away.

Chandler says the wounded victim was taken to a nearby medical facility for treatment.

The victims were, however, unable to provide the police with description of the suspect.

“’This time of the year, there is usually an increase in this type of crime and everyone is urged to be vigilant.

Meanwhile this serious crime happened just a day after the Table View police in partnership with non-profit organization, TLC, held Crime Awareness Campaign at the Bayside Mall to enlighten the general public about the wave of crime and how to avoid being a victim; by distributing flyers while interacting with the community with the permission of the Mall Manager.

According to Tyger-burger, the awareness focused on domestic violence, sexual abuse, alcohol abuse and robberies.




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