CAPE TOWN Two men have been shot dead in Mitchells Plain, a suburb outside the Cape Town city centre which has been hit by gang violence, in the latest in a string of apparent targeted attacks.

The double murder happened late on Tuesday, just days after claims surfaced that a hit list containing the names of underworld figures was doing the rounds.

Some underworld figures have links to gangs which are operating around Cape Town.

While the exact reason for the two killings in Mitchells Plain is not yet clear, sources said the shooting could have been a target of the Junky Funky Kids gang, which has ties to the 27s gang.

The 28s gang is said to be fighting the 27s gang as well as the 26s gang.
On Wednesday, police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Andrè Traut confirmed the double murder was under investigation.

He said the two men – whose identities are known to News24, but which he did not release – were killed while sitting in a car in Morgenster Road, Beacon Valley, in Mitchells Plain, around 19.55.

“The suspects fled and are yet to be arrested,” Traut said.

“The motive for the double murder is yet to be established.”

News24 understands that two women were in the car at the time, but were not physically harmed.

Mitchells Plain is where at least two suspects – arrested for an underworld shooting at a Camps Bay restaurant, in which two patrons were wounded on April 17 – are from.

Tuesday night’s shooting comes barely a week after alleged Sexy Boys gang leader Jerome “Donkie” Booysen was wounded four times in a shooting at the Cape Town International Airport – the third time he had been shot at in roughly six months.


A second person was also wounded in the attack last Wednesday, October 18.

Last Thursday night, the evening of October 19, two men apparently also tried to target Booysen in hospital, but one, who was disguised as a woman, was arrested.

The Sexy Boys gang has ties to the 26s gang.

Sources previously told News24 that Booysen was targeted in retaliation for the murder of alleged 28s gang boss Donovan Jacobs in the Cubana in Plein Street, Stellenbosch, on October 14.

A patron, Nicole Muller, 30, a mother of two young boys, was also killed in this shooting, while a third person was wounded.

‘Hit list’

On Monday, the alleged hit list surfaced. Its authenticity has not been confirmed.

News24 has seen the typed out list which contains several spelling errors.
On it are names of alleged gang bosses, businessmen linked to the underworld nightclub security industry, as well as the construction and property sector.

Alongside each name is a figure totaling millions – an apparent reference to how much should be paid to have the person killed.

At least two people named on the list have been wounded in recent shootings.

This week, controversial businessman Nafiz Modack, who has been taking over nightclub security in Cape Town, confirmed seeing the list, but was also not sure of its origins.

A figure of R20m is alongside his name.

Modack is heading a group of men who earlier this year started taking control of nightclub security from a more established grouping.

This takeover has sparked violence and several shootings


PHOTO: South African Police Service. (File Photo)


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