KILLARNEY, CAPE TOWN – Sunday’s Motor Show proved to be a resounding success. This, despite some heart-stopping moments when the rain came down and wind picked up early in the morning.


According to Tabletalk, the crowd was marginally smaller than last year and a few of the irreplaceable vintage and veteran cars opted not to venture out in the inclement weather conditions.

The model plane flypass also had to be curtailed, although the one scale model fighter jet that did make an appearance provided a magnificent display.

But those who braved the morning elements were particularly thrilled by live action they saw.

Daredevil driver, Alphonso Loots and his huge 7-litre Titan monster truck drew gasps of amazement as it climbed over a selection of wrecked cars – and flattered them even more..

The stunt riding Le Riche brothers, fresh from their latest working holiday in the United States, came with an act that was even more professional than their show last year.

This was emphasized by the rider wearing a microphone that allowed him to explain what he was doing, while on one wheel or actually flying through the air.

The possibility if rain certainly didn’t affect the vintage tractor display. Here it was the large capacity, 10.3-litre, single cylinder, 1933 vintage Bulldog Lanz, that proved to be a centre of attraction.

PHOTO: Big foot…Nothing stood in the path of the huge 7-litre Titan monster truck, at this weekend’s Killarney Motor Show. PITURE: COLIN BROWN.



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