CAPE TOWN – The recent temporary redeployment of Colonel Dirk Vosloo, Table View Police Station commander, to the Nyanga police cluster, has been met with mixed emotions.

Tygerburger reported that it got information from a reliable source last week that Vosloo, with more than 30 years of experience in police, will be stationed at the Phillippi East Police Station for the next few months. The Nyanga cluster consists of six police stations, including Phillippi East. The others are Bishop Lavis, Elsies River, Gugulathu, Mananberg and Nyanga itself.

A mass shooting in the Marikana informal settlement in Phillippi East recently claimed the lives of 18 people. The area was also in the media spotlight following a visit by national police minister, Fikile Mbalula, as a result of massacre.

Last week, Captain Adriana Chandler, Table View police spokesperson, confirmed the move taken by the provincial commissioner (Lieutenant-General Khombinkosi Jula) to have Vosloo redeployed.

“It (the redeployment) was a senior management decision,” Chandler says.

Asked if any other police member or vehicles will be sent to this area, Chandler said no.

According to a source, this is not the case. Two members as well as a patrol vehicle are also set to go.

Asked for more details, Chandler kindly requested that further queries be directed to the police’s provincial offices based in Green Point.

“Colonel Vosloo has been redeployed to head up an intervention team in the Nyanga Cluster for a period of six months. I believe that the Colonel was redeployed as he is a successful station commander with a lot of experience. He was previously station commander at all three police stations in Khayelitsha.”

Table police will have an acting station commander for the six-month period the report said.


PHOTO: Colonel Dirk Vosloo


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