Picture: freeimages.com

CAPE TOWN – Pupils involved in a stabbing incident at a Hanover Park high school have been suspended.

According to Eyewitness News, a grade 11 girl at Crystal Secondary School was stabbed in the back on Tuesday morning.

She is currently in a stable condition.

The Western Cape Education Department says that about 10 to 12 alleged gang members stormed Crystal Secondary School on Tuesday morning, despite the presence of security guards.

Education MEC spokesperson Jessica Shelver says that it is unclear what took place leading up to the stabbing of the grade 11 girl.

She adds that the incident occurred minutes before the start of the school day, in full view of other learners.

“Counselling has been provided to learners as required. We are doing everything we can within our stretched budgets and limited mandates to work with all role-players to address the safety of our teachers and learners.”

Shelver says that police have increased patrols around the school.

There have been no arrests.

PHOTO: Freeimages.com


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