Pistol file photo

CAPE TOWN – The independent Police Investigation Directorate recently confirmed that the suspect in the family murder case, Captain Archibald Charles, had died

Charles was hosipitalised after sustaining an injury to the head. Before sustaining his injury, Charlse shot and killed his 46-year-old wife and 20-year-old step-daughter at the family’s home in Phoenix, Milnerton.

The double murder occurred in the early hours of Thursday 31 August.

The wife, Noluntu, and step-daughter Cibahle, passed away at the scene.

Charles (48), who was stationed at the Milnerton Police station, turned the firearm on himself.

He was treated at hospital where he was kept under police guard. He died nearly three weeks later.

Captain Charles passed away last week, so there is no one to charge,” Moses Dlamini, IDP spokesperson, told the newspaper on Friday 29 September.

Tygerburger reportedly requested more information regarding the circumstances surrounding the police officer’s death, but did not receive any response by the time of going to print.

‘Apparently the suspect’s two sons, who are teenagers, aged 13 and 17 years respectively, were in the house when the shooting occurred and they reported it to the police, who rushed to the scene.

“IPID was called out to the scene and took over the investigation,” Dlamini said at the time. A total of 22 cartridges were recovered at the scene Tygerburger reported.

PHOTO: Phoenix officer who killed wife and daughter passes on.Photo: Supplied




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