CAPE TOWN – If you visited the brand new Table Mall on its opening day last week, you would have been one of many who struggle to find a parking spot.

This was largely due to the high number of visitors to the mall on the day, who rushed to take advantage of the exciting opening specials.

The shopping centre, located on the West Coast Road and Berkshire Boulevard in Sunningdale, opened its doors to the Public on Thursday 28 September.

The building, which took a total of 20 months to complete, houses 150 stores and restaurants. It also has a parking for more than 3300 vehicles, both above and below ground.

Last week during the ribbon-cutting ceremony held in the lobby of the main foyer, Adam Blow, executive director of the property investment and Development Company, Zenprop property holdings, welcomed all visitors to the newly completed centre. He also took the opportunity to thank all the role players involved, including developers, investors and quantity Surveyors, for their contribution to the project.

Blow said the mall-a state-of-the-art shopping centre able to compete with any other in the world – will allow Zenpro to dominate the retail on the West Coast for years to come.

“It is the most audacious and the best product we think we have ever produced and it is a world class”.

Helen Zille, premier of the Western Cape, delivered the keynote address. During her speech, she said often wondered why people still build shopping centres when consumers shop online.

But when I came through the door, I realized that shopping centres are not just a place to shop – they are destinations.

“They provide so many things in one place and that they actually become an experience” Zille said. She added: “ I want to say to the architects and people who conceptualized this design that is is absolutely beautiful. People will come here to look at the lights and the architecture and to understand that this is, I am told, the experience one will get on a luxury yacht. Having not been on a luxury yacht before, I have to say, I believe you.”

According to the developers, the mall created 5000 jobs during the construction period, with 8000 more to be created following its completion. Zenpro invested over R1 billion in the project.

The mall, which depicts a nautical theme including fish, a boat and birds, trades from Monday to Sunday 09:00 to 19:00.

Read the full report on Tygerburger

PHOTO:  Adam Blow, executive director at Zenpro.


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