CAPE TOWN – The City of Cape Town has warned residents to brace themselves for disruptions to the water supply.

Stringent measures have been announced by the City of Cape Town to cut municipal water use.

Officials have already implemented phase one of the plan, with water pressure reduction being rolled out to some communities.

Phase two will see reduced pressure across the entire water system.

And, the extreme disaster phase will be rolled out when the city is unable to draw water from its surface dams.

Non-surface drinking water supplies will be provided to residents through water distribution points.

Mayor Patricia de Lille briefed journalists today on contingency plans should the worst happen and the dams run dry.

Cape Town is drier than it’s been in decades, with just over 27% of usable water in the city’s dams.

The city has incrementally cut back on water usage imposing heavier restrictions with each month.

But it’s still not enough and de Lille says if the city can’t reduce consumption to 500 million litres per day, the taps will run dry by March.

De Lille emphasises that phases two and three could be avoided with progressive water saving and rationing during the current phase.

 Eyewitness News

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