The Sea Point municipal pool. Picture: City of Cape Town

CAPE TOWN – The City of Cape Town will be reducing the number of public swimming pools that will be open for business this summer as a result of the current drought crisis.

With level five water restrictions currently in place in the Mother City, the municipality has decided to only open 12 of the 35 municipal swimming pools during the peak summer season.

These facilities – in areas including Atlantis, Strand, Blue Downs Khayelitsha, Bellville, Retreat, Eastridge, Kensington and Hanover Park – will be open from 1 December until the end of January next year.

The Sea Point swimming pool uses seawater and will thus be open from 1 November.

The city’s JP Smith said: “The goal is to ensure that the swimming pools are open as often and as long as possible. However, we must remind users that given the expected high usage of the swimming pools over the period in question, operating hours may need to be adjusted from time to time to ensure that the water quality remains at optimum and acceptable levels.”

Eyewitness News

PHOTO: The Sea Point municipal pool. Picture: City of Cape Town


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