web_photo_Pali_Lehohla_251016: Statistician-General Pali Lehohla speaks during the report-back on municipalities financial census for the year ended June 2015 on June 29, 2016 in Pretoria.

JOHANNESBURG – Statistician General Pali Lehohla spoke to Cathy Mohlahlana about the revealing statistical evidence that has been released by Statistics South Africa.

He has lashed out at men who desert their parental responsibilities.

Stats SA also reveals a worrying trend, 60% of fathers’ names are missing in baby registrations. 

He says absent fathers add to the social ills burdening society. Lehohla spoke during the release of the Stats SA’s recorded live births for 2016.

Stats SA says registered births fell by 10.6% in 2016. Most of the births were male babies born to women aged between 20 and 29 years.

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But Lehohla says the fathers’ details are missing in over 60% of registered births.

Lehohla says, “So 62 percent of the births registered the father is either run over by a train or dead but is still alive.”

“Only 38-percent of the births have name of the father… when we give you these things like fees must fall those are some of the problems that we see, we are not there to pay fees as fathers and so children go to school and suffer.”

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“When we come to these things it’s as though we don’t understand how society functions, we don’t anchor these things in how South African functions and it’s important to understand when you look at poverty when you look at all kinds of things.”

Lehohla says that policy makers in SA need to use statistics as evidence. He is particularly concerned that black people and coloured people will not prosper as much as Indian and white people, according to the statistics.

The statistics reveal that black people and coloured people who are between the ages of 15-34 years old bear the brunt of job-loss.

Therefore breeding a group of youth who are more susceptible to crime.

Black households experienced the least satisfaction with police response when experiencing housebreaking. That figure is at 33% 

He also claims that the stark differences in the number of reported crimes versus the actual amount of crime is concerning as only half of the actual crimes are reported.

Video thumbnail for STATS LIVE

The statistics represented open a needed debate about the future of South African’s standard of living.


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