Anele Mdoda interviews Trevor Noah.

NEW YORK – Trevor Noah‘s contract as host of The Daily Show has been renewed for another five years.

Noah has been at the helm of Comedy Central’s flagship show since September 2015, when he took over from Jon Stewart.

Under the terms of the deal, Noah will stay on as host, writer and executive producer of The Daily Show and will produce and host annual year-end specials, starting this year.

By extending Noah’s contract, Comedy Central is signaling its confidence in the South African comedian, who was subjected to intense scrutiny after inheriting The Daily Showseat from Stewart.

Comedy Central’s Kent Alterman says that hiring a stand-up comedian from Johannesburg who wasn’t steeped in US politics was a risk worth taking.

In a statement, Alterman says that Noah’s ratings are up 28%, to 1.6 million viewers, as the only late-night show to grow over last year.

PHOTO: © Picture: Anele Mdoda/Supplied. Anele Mdoda interviews Trevor Noah.


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