CAPE TOWN – An after-party for a group of Cape Town matrics turned into a nightmare on Saturday evening when it became violent.

Some of them were beaten and sustained severe back and knee injuries when the private party, which followed their matric farewell, went horribly wrong, Netwerk24 reported.

In addition to that, cellphones and purses also went missing.

The pupils of Bellville High School had been under the impression that entrance to the VIP area of Madison Avenue club in Cape Town was for matrics only.

However, shortly after they arrived at their after-party on the top floor of the club, older men apparently made their way into the area and made advances towards some of the girls.

One of the matrics complained to security about the unwelcome intruders, but they ignored her.

In the altercation which followed, she was shoved to the ground, and when her companion tried to intervene, he was beaten. Friends who’d come to the couple’s assistance apparently were pepper-sprayed by security.

An upset parent of one of the pupils who was injured wrote on Facebook that he was “extremely disgusted” and deeply disappointed in the club’s security after what had happened.

Strict access

Madison Avenue, replying in an open letter, said they were very concerned about the incident and were trying to find out what happened and why it had happened. They added that they would pay the medical bills of the pupils who had been injured.

“The event was brought to us via a promoter. We have done events in the past with promoters and we have had no problems. Extra security is added by the promoter. Access to and from this area is strictly controlled and enforced,” the club said.

“It has transpired that a small group of unauthorised people managed to get armbands and gain access to the privately booked area. A fight subsequently broke out involving these unauthorised people. Security got involved and managed to contain the situation as quickly as they could.”

The owner of Dash Productions, which arranged the event in co-operation with a committee of Bellville High pupils, says he doesn’t know if there were older men at the party, because he hadn’t checked their ages.

The man, who didn’t want to be named, said he’d only supplied tickets to the committee, which had sold them at R200 apiece at school.

They got pink armbands for admission to the exclusive party. He said he didn’t know who the members of the committee had sold tickets to, but only those with pink armbands were allowed in.

The man said he didn’t dish out tickets to his friends, as had been rumoured.

According to him, there had been an altercation on the dance floor and he’d tried to intervene. However, he was also badly injured and a security guard was beaten up. He said he didn’t know who had started the fight and what had caused it.

“I wish the girl had rather come to me to complain. Security guards at nightclubs won’t take orders from a party-goer – only from management.”

He said the security, which had been provided by the club, had immediately intervened when the fight broke out.

Pupils on the committee have denied selling them to people other than the school children.

Bellville High principal, Deon du Plessis, said although the school rued any incident where pupils experienced problems, it is not in favour of after-parties and consider it a matter between parents and pupils.


PHOTO: iStock


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