CAPE TOWN – Yesterday we brought you news about shootings at Bellville Magistrate’s Court, today report has it that Gang violence erupted outside the Bellville Magistrate’s Court on Monday following arguments between rival gangsters who pulled out guns and shot at each other.

The shootout, which sources with knowledge of say is linked to a much bigger gang battle, happened just outside the court building.

Gang shootings have recently flared up in various hot spots around the Western Cape.

While some sources say a gang member was shot in Monday’s violence, police have said no one was wounded.

Arguments and bullets
Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk said several gang members had appeared in the court on Monday in several cases.

“At about 10:00 arguments between gangster groupings arose outside the court building,” he said.

“They then pulled firearms and shot at each other. This happened just outside the court building.”

The gunmen ran away after the shots were fired.

No arrests were made.

“The situation is currently under control. SAPS members are still on the scene gathering information,” Van Wyk said.


News24 understands members of the Terrible Josters gang, as well as the rival the Bad Boys gang and Sexy Boys gang were involved in the violence.

It is understood a prominent gang member with links to the 28s was among those who appeared in the Bellville court on Monday.


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About 28 alleged gang members were arrested in hot spot Ravensmead last week in an operation clamping down on gangsterism.

The prominent gang member linked to the 28s was among those taken into custody.

In July News24 reported on what was driving, and led to a recent surge in, gang violence around the Western Cape.

It was reported that the Bad Boys gang, with a stronghold in Elsies River, was backed by the Sexy Boys and 26s.

This gang was said to be fighting their rivals, the Terrible Josters, over drug turf, predominantly in Elsies River.

The Terrible Josters were said to be fighting on behalf of a businessman allegedly involved in the illicit trade of perlemoen.

Three factions of the 28s were fighting each other.

Ties to underworld
Gang shootings and violence in the Western Cape is also linked to underworld activities.

In March 2017 a newer grouping, said to be headed by businessman Nafiz Modack, started forcefully taking control of nightclub security from a more established grouping.

This has led to several shootings in various areas, as well as incidents of violence inside some city centre establishments.

In one of the most recent incidents said to be linked to the underworld, several sources said a fight broke out between two groupings outside a luxury vehicle store in the city centre on Friday afternoon.

No arrests were made.

For a detailed breakdown of underworld activities in the Western Cape see News24’s Underworld Unmasked showcase here. ( http://showcase.news24.com/cape-town-underworld/#police-tensions )

Source: News24

PHOTO: [paumelia]/Flickr


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