CAPE TOWN – Countrywide there is growing public frustration with the chronic lack of police resources, and the situation is no different in Blaauberg.

However, while some stations seems to be trying to work around the challenges by roping in public support where possible, there is despair in Milnerton Community Police Forum chairwoman Lianne Lippert says the manpower shortage is aggravated by police management’s apparent reluctance to work with community.

“There is definite lack of manpower at our station, and what little there is, is deployed to two most problematic areas (Dunoon and Joe Slovo).

“The reservist and/ or volunteer programmes are not a priority at the station – in fact, I haven’t seen any calls for assistance at Milnerton SAPS,” she said.

“Crime is indeed increasing, but due to the lack of assistance when SAPS is called, the neighbourhood watches are demoralized and reluctant to keep up their efforts,” she said

Tabletalk reportedly tried to contact the station commander by phone and email on August 11. On August 15 the station confirmed that they had received their email and questions, but by the time this edition went to print, they had not responded to those questions.

Table View police mamangement appears to be more willing to work with the public to find solutions to logistical problems.

At an imbizo in June, Table View station Commander Colonel Dirk Vosloo stressed the importance of these public-police partnerships.

He has again called on the public to help, this time with ancillary duties at the station.

“The volunteers we are calling for is to assist us with admin duties, such as certifying of copies and commissioning of statements. Volunteers will be screened and then appointed as commissioners of oath.”

Based on Tabletalk… Edited by Peter Okafor/ExpressBlogger

FILE PHOTO: Milnerton Police Station battling a shortage of manpower and resources.



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