CAPE TOWN – Cape Town could see a move towards large scale cooperation between the taxi industry and the MyCiti bus service.

In an announcement by the city council, on Thursday, the city will look to adopt a plan which proposes increased and significant involvement of the taxi industry in the roll-out of future bus-lanes and stations.

In simple terms, the plan will see the extension of the MyCiti footprint towards the taxi industry and possibly the inclusion of e-hailing technology to facilitate the reach of this new venture.

Brett Heron, member of the City of Cape Town, expressed that the infrastructure and MyCiti system will develop to facilitate commuter transitions between the bus and taxi services.

“The reason for this major shift is that we have learned that removing minibus-taxis along routes where the MyCiTi service is operating, such as in Phase 1, is financially unsustainable in the long term.”

He adds that minibus taxi operators can benefit greatly from emerging new generation services.

The proposed structure should see a great deal of opportunities for a majority of taxi operators, while also providing a much-needed financial respite to usual taxi-goers.

However, issues could arise surrounding the degree of independence that the taxi operators will receive or will have to give up.

Experts expect the discussions surrounding the new approach to public transport to be quite extended.

PHOTO: Cape Town looks Taxi and MyCiTi alliance (file photo)


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