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CAPE TOWN – Boeing projects a demand for more than 1.2 million pilots and technician over the next 20 years, it said at release of its 2017 pilot and technician outlook.

Now in its eight year, the outlook is a respected industry study that forecasts the 20-year demand for airplane crews.

Boeing forecasts that between this year and 2036, the world’s commercial aviation industry would require approximately:

  • 637 000 new commercial airline pilots.
  • 648 000 new commercial airline maintenance technicians.
  • 839 000 new cabin crew members.

The outlook shows a slight decrease of 3.2% for the pilots over the outlook of last year and a slight decrease in the need for airline maintenance technicians (4.6%), primarily driven by the reduction in maintenance hours required on the 737 MAX. 01068.

-The New Age

PHOTO: Supplied. File Photo


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