Eye Witness News

Ottery Youth Care Centre. Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN – Boys at the Ottery Youth Centre in Cape Town, who escaped violent gangs to start new lives, say they hope it won’t be shut down in October.

The centre faces an uncertain future as government decides on whether to keep it open following a legal battle and a change of laws governing such institutions.

It’s home to around 60 boys in need of protection or rehabilitation following run-ins with the law.

Some boys are sent to the centre, others run there in the middle of the night to escape gangs.

They say that the centre has given them a second chance and its principal Moosa Mahadick has become a father to them.

“It’s about changing narratives and changing a space of pain.”

The Departments of Education and Social Development say that a decision is being made.

For a feature on the Ottery Youth Centre, click here.

PHOTO: Ottery Youth Care Centre. Picture: EWN.


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