CAPE TOWN – A young husband lost his life tragically after an alleged drunk driver drove into him.

The crash on Sunday saw Reyaad Arend’s motorbike go up in flames on the M5 highway opposite Sybrand Park.

The 25-year-old from Wynberg was rushed to hospital but died due to his injuries.

The City of Cape Town’s Maxine Bezuidenhout confirmed the accident which occurred shortly after 3pm.

Two lanes were obstructed causing a back-up for more than three hours on the busy highway as authorities arrived on the scene, Bezuidenhout said.

The young husband was married for just six months on Sunday.

His family says he had the motorbike for three months.

Reyaad was buried according to Muslim rites on Monday, and leaves behind a grieving widow Rafeeqah, 26.

His heartbroken aunt, Fazlin Jakoet, says Reyaad was deeply loved and this was evident by the huge amount of people who attended his janaazah on Monday.

“The family are standing together but we are all grief-stricken. There is a lot of shock, but acceptance, of what happened. To Allah we come and unto Allah we return,” Fazlin says.

“This tragedy has brought the family and his siblings together. The janaazah is huge; there is no space in Rosmead Avenue for people to enter.”

“It is not just family and friends but many strangers or just acquaintances of Reyaad’s. We are humbled by the outpouring of duas and condolences from friends and the public.”

She says Reyaad and Rafeeqah celebrated six months of marital bliss on Sunday. The couple had no children.

Reyaad and Rafeeqah were 6 months married on Sunday. Picture: Supplied

Fazlin adds her nephew was one of the gentlest souls she ever knew.

“Reyaad had that bike for almost three months. He was the most respectful young man and always had time for everyone.”

“He loved his wife and his mother dearly. He was well loved by everyone. He was handsome, had a beautiful character and was a hard worker.”

“He would walk into a room and everyone would light up. Allah takes away the best of us,” the aunt says.

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut, says the driver that crashed into Reyaad was arrested.

“On Sunday at 4:40pm a 60-year-old man was arrested for drunk driving following an accident where a motorcyclist died on the M5 freeway,” Traut said.


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