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CAPE TOWN – Western Cape Premier Helen Zille received the full backing of her party in the provincial legislature on Thursday night, as they sought to fend off the ANC’s vote of no confidence in her over her now infamous colonialism tweets.

Tabling a counter motion to express full confidence in her premiership, DA MPLs said that Zille has been an exemplary leader and can not be labelled a racist.

The DA and ANC both used last night’s debate to expose alleged internal party divisions.

The ANC’s Cameron Dugmore said Zille had become a liability to her party.

“The honourable Zille herself is too thick skinned to accept she no longer has supporters, admirers or even friends in the DA.”

But if the DA was as fractured as he claimed, they weren’t letting it show, as one by one, MPLs lauded Zille’s achievements.

The DA’s Masizole Mnqasela: “You don’t have confidence in the premier because she continues to beat you in every election.”

Zille chose not to weigh in on the debate, receiving loud applause from the DA benches when it was all over.

PHOTO: Premier of the Western Cape Helen Zille. Picture: Cindy Archillies/EWN


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