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CAPE TOWN –  Two further residential development are nearing completion in  Century City, namely The terraces complex between Liberty and Curro School and The Water’s Eadge next door to Canal Walk.

According to report on Table Talk, what are already two extremely congested areas are going to see an added influx of cars and traffic, which is unthinkable to imagine.

Parents are already stuck in traffic jams trying to get their children to school on time.

Why this residential complex was allowed to be built at this location just emphasis the developer’s greed and lack of consideration.

Rumours were deceitfully spread at the onset that a coffee shop and convenience anchor store was to be built there, but instead another huge complex will be joining the existing complexes, The Moorings and Ashton Park.

To alleviate the traffic at peak times in the morning, the entrance to public car park could have been moved to Century Avenue, but changing this now would probably mean having to move the existing bus stop location.

The other overly congested intersection is at the overhead bridge at Waters Edge. Drivers who have bravely ventured or out of necessity, along the intersection of Century Boulevard and Century City Drive at peak hours, either trying to go into the N1 or to Canal Walk, will understand the degree of the already serious traffic problem in this area.

With Water’s Edge’s 144 units, carrying residents leaving or returning, this is going to add unnecessary fuel to an already fiery problem, and there seems no room for extra lanes to be added to help alleviate this congestion

Century City is now bursting at it seems due to greedy developers who keep enticing buyers with last land deals, which sadly never seems to end.

What used to a suburb sought out by middle-class families, for its centrally located position and choice of safe security complexes, is fast becoming over-priced and unattractively over-developed.

FILE PHOTO: Supplied


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