CAPE TOWN – The police are investigating after a Metrorail commuter was killed while trying to cross train lines illegally at the Mowbray station. 
The incident caused major delays on the Southern Line on Saturday.

A fellow commuter and eyewitness, Beryl Schouw, told the Cape Argus what happened: “We came from town and he got off, he was in our train, and he sat in the carriage next to the driver. So instead of going down the subway, he ran over the line and didn’t see the train that pulled in the station, he tried to dodge the conductor.
“This gentleman was in our train coming from Cape Town, and we stopped at Mowbray, and a whole lot of people got off, and this gentleman jumped in the train line to cross over to the other side. 
“We saw how it happened, he didn’t see the oncoming train that pulled into the station as he was more concentrated on the conductor! We just heard the train hooter going off and realised that somebody was knocked right in front of us, and we took that picture from the train window, that is how close we were to the scene. 
“The ticket conductor was standing at the end of the platform, I guess to stop the people (who didn’t have tickets). Everything happened so fast. 
“His body was still attached to his head, but very loose! Our train was still standing and the other train stopped right next to us.”
Police spokesperson Noloyiso Rwexana said: “A death inquest case has been opened for investigation after an unidentified man in his twenties was fatally injured (on Saturday).”
Cape Argus
PHOTO: File photo(Supplied)

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