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CAPE TOWN A Bothasig resident who says there have been an increase in the number of flying aeroplanes over his house has been assured that it has nothing to do with the proposed re-alignment of the runway at Cape Town international Airport.

Residents first heard about the runway realignment in May 2015.

It proposes rotating the airport runway counter-clockwise by 11.5 degrees.

This would increase air traffic over Edgemead and Bothasig, among other areas. Edgemead residents had voiced their opposition to the proposal at a community meeting in August last year.

But Airport Company South Africa (ACSA) said the process to re-align the runway was far from completion. “The Environmental Impact Assessment is still under way and we are at the appeals phase. Once all of the appeals have been logged, the Department of Environmental Affairs will make a final determination,” said ACSA senior manager of corporate affairs, Deidre Davids.

Sharon Jones a project manager for the proposed re-alignment project said the perceived increase in flights had nothing to do with the re-alignment.

“The current flights over Bothasig and Edgemead are in no way related to the proposed re-alignment of the runway which cannot proceed until any appeals logged have been resolved,” said Jones.


-Table Talk

PHOTO: File photo (Supplied)


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