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CAPE TOWN – A Cape Town resident who fell victim to a cyber attack has warned South Africans should not think it can’t happen to them.

Daniel Jacobs, an employee at a Cape Town company, says they recently experienced a similar attack to the one which has swept global companies on Tuesday.

A major ransomware attack caused havoc across the world, crippling computers and halting operations of the companies it struck.

Russia’s biggest oil company, Ukrainian banks and multinational firms were among those who were hit.

Jacobs says the attack happened after he used a personal computer to connect to the company’s network at the beginning of June.

“Coming into the office I logged on and couldn’t access anything. A message came up that all the data had been encrypted and to acquire the release key pay them 4.06 bit coins and at the time it equated to about R60,000.”

He says it took them two weeks to “redo” their computers after they decided not to pay the bribe.

This advice is also shared by International Security Software Company Kaspersky Lab, saying paying the ransom assists in funding further attacks.

Kaspersky’s Vyacheslav Zakorzhevsky says it is very difficult to trace the culprits.

“We see that it encrypts several very sophisticated techniques and tools. And our opinion is that skilful developers were involved to create this malware and lots of money was invested.”



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