Dead girl allegedly raised up by a Catholic priest, Reverend father Egwu Unummuo in Enugu state

It was an amazing experience recently in Enugu state when a young girl was raised up from the dead by a Catholic priest named Reverend father Egwu Unummuo. According to reports, the young girl came to worship at Jesus And Mary Adoration Ministry Of The Holy Spirit, Amichi. She was said to have fallen down and died on the spot. Read as posted below: “A young girl who came to worship at JESUS AND MARY ADORATION MINISTRY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT,AMICHI,was reported dead after she was hit by a demon,she fell down and died,Stewards kept her in the chapel while waiting for the adoration prayer to end so that Fr Egwu Umummuo will decide on what to do.

“But to my greatest surprise,just like in Jesus own days,Fr Egwu saw the lifeless body and told people around that he doesnt believe that the young girl is gone(dead). He started praying for the lifeless girl and she instantly came back to life. “PRAISE be to GOD ALMIGHTY for he is A MYSTERIOUS GOD.THANKS to GOD OF ADORATION for he is A MIRACULOUS GOD. All HONOUR and ADORATION to GOD of FR EGWU UMUMMUO.

“Nwachukwu(Child of God)I call GOD OF FR EGWU UMUMMUO AN IMPOSSIBILITY SPECIALIST. What do you call him? Pls watch the video very well and give God name that befits him most.” Read more: https://www.naij.com/1112035-dead-girl-allegedly-raised-by-reverend-father-egwu-unummuo-enugu-state.html?utm_source=mailfire&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=hundred5_pusher


PHOTO: A screengrab showing the lady on the floor and when she finally woke up from the dead 


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