CAPE TOWN On 01 July 2017, the annual increase in MyCiTi comes into effect as part of City of Cape Town’s budget. While no one wants to pay more, according to Table Talk report, the new package still offers great value for money.

With growing congestion and the rising costs of operating a private vehicle, using public transport to get to and from work – or out and about during your leisure time – makes a lot of sense. MyCiTi offers easy connection to rail and other services, convenient hour of operation and a sense of safety and comfort.



MyCiTi is also lunching new travel packages to make using the bus as easy and cost effective as possible for everyone from those who commute daily to family and friends who travel less frequently.

From 1 July, a new myconnect card will cost R35.

Mover 30 is being replaced with mover 35 (R35). There are also two new packages, Mover 60(R60) and Mover 300 (R300).


PHOTO: Myciti increases fair prices. Photo: Peter Okafor/ExpressCapetown



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