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The City of Cape Town has launched a campaign to help Capetonians think about how to reduce traffic congestion.

The City of Cape Town is encouraging Capetonian road users to change their behaviour and attitudes when it comes to sitting in traffic in a bid to reduce congestion on the roads.

This, while the City said it was upgrading its roads and highways.

The City has launched the Drive Less, Live More campaign which they say is designed to encourage Capetonians to make the change.

“With the average Capetonian spending up to 40 days a year in traffic, it’s time for all of us to think about what we can do to reduce congestion,” said the City of Cape Town.

The City pointed to a “2015 congestion study” carried out by the Transport and Urban Development Authority and proposed various solutions that could be taken to change how motorists travel.

The City of Cape Town said its campaign would highlight various areas of focus that could be tried.

One of these is flexible working programmes whereby the City encourages its residents to talk to their employers on various options such as working flexitime (to start and end work at non-standard times); core hours (to be present at the core business hours, for example 10am to 2pm, but to vary the other four hours; or variable day (to work a consistent schedule of different hours each day but still achieve the expected number of hours a week.

Staggering the working hours, such as to work at times that differ from standard work times; compress a work week into fewer days or to work remotely are other options offered by the City.

Further, the City’s campaign suggests carpools, lift clubs and the use of public transport as transport options. Cycling and walking are other options.

PHOTO: Thinkstock


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