CAPE TOWN – Rain, fog, ice pebbles and rubble; all seen washed down on the streets and Canals in Cape Town; the aftermath of a much publicized storm nicknamed ‘Helluval’ by Meteorologists, turned out to be full- blown winter cold and endless breeze that now pervade and froze the ‘Mother City’, though relieving residents and government of headache of recent droughts.SAM_2316.JPG

A relative degree of calm though has returned and we are in the process of thawing ourselves, plants and animals, but storm still raging with wind and frequent rain, becoming very unpredictable.

A ride from the City Center through Marine drive on the R27 west-bound, one can see the Canals at Paardin island and WoodBridge in Milnerton, full of rubble and different colours of plastic debris, fast flowing and washing into the Atlantic ocean, as if to overflow into lands and streets close to them.

Traffic is relatively free, no statics or accident reported yet, but City still wet and slippery.

Drive slowly and Carefully. Heavy June gloom is already here.


PHOTOS: Canals and lagoon on R27 flooded at WoodBridge. Photo: Peterspiff, ExpressCapetown.



This is Cape Town express brought to you by ExpressCapetown.


You can send your account on your location and how it happened where you are if you are in Cape Town today on the ‘Send Your Opinion Page or email: 



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