MILNERTON – A house robber appeared in the Cape Town Magistrate court recently after breaking into a house of a Phoenix homeowner and threatening him with a firearm.

The suspect was part of a group of armed men, the police say. He was, however, the only one to be caught and arrested after being apprehended by residents and handed over to the police.

The attack Occurred at a house in school street, Phoenix, Milnerton on Wednesday 17 May.

Constable Debbie Alard, spokesperson for Milnerton police cluster, says that according to the complainant he was at home when he heared someone trying to force door open with a crowbar. “As the complainant opened the door three unknown men came in and one had a firearm. The other suspects had knives,” Allard says.


Suspects apprehended by community.

The men pushed the complainant then covered his face as they searched his house.

“He then screamed for help after which his neighbours came to assist him.”

According to Alard the suspects managed to run away, with only, one being apprehended and arrested by community.

“He was handed over to the police.”

Items taken from the property included a cellphone, bank cards. The property was, however, recovered along with the crowbar.




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