For the umpteenth time, another girl missing in the country and nowhere to be found according to new reports

JOHANNESBURG – Another girl has gone missing this time from Glenvista, south of Johannesburg.

A 19-year-old Thando Madida left home on Friday afternoon. She told the helper at home that she’s going out with her friend.

Her devastated mother Sthembile Mabhida said she believes that her daughter is alive.
“I last saw her Friday morning when I was leaving for work. She left HOME at around 5.30pm In the afternoon,” Madiba said.

“She called me at 7pm and told me that she’s at the Glen with her friends but when I called her back at 9pm her phone was off.”

She said she tried to call her friend that Thando claimed to be with her and the friend told he that they were not together.

It is reported that through the help of social media she was spotted at an event in Rosebank.

“She was spotted in Rosebank with some dodgy guys and I think she left home wearing whatever she was wearing and she changed to a black outfit as she was spotted,” said the concerned mother.

“We tried to trace her car with a tracker only to find out later that she left the car in the garage because she used an Uber. But when we traced all the addresses on her Uber account we couldn’t find her even with the help of the police,” she said.

ANN7 online tried to call her number several times but it went straight to voicemail. She left home wearing a pink jersey with light blue jeans. Anyone with information can contact on 0823178517 or report it to the nearest police station.

TNA Reporter/New Age

PHOTO: The missing 19-year-old Thando Madida Picture : Twitter


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