JOHANNESBURG – Water Polo coach accused of molesting more than 20 boys after damning video footage emerged have been arrested.

More than 20 pupils at Parktown Boys’ have accused their Water Polo coach of sexual assaults in one of the biggest sex scandals to hit a local school.

The outrage began after surveillance footage allegedly caught the teach fondling with a 15-year-old boy’s genitals.

The grade 10 pupil’s mother was informed immediately and the teacher was arrested that night.

The Johannesburg school is one of the oldest and most respected government schools in South Africa, and is consistently among the top performers.

The 22-year-old suspect, a former pupil and a popular staff member at the school, will appear in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s court on Wednesday, he faces charges of sexual grooming of children, sexual assaults and assault.

The damning closed-circuit footage shows a group of pupils lounging in the common room of a school hostel. Most leave but two remain and it is then that the coach, also an assistant boarding master allegedly inappropriately touches one of the boys.

An executive member of the Gauteng’s school Water Polo confirmed that early November last year the school had recommended to it that association fire him as a coach because he has been involved in an “incident” with a pupil.

The chairman of the school’s governing body Nicolas Greyling confirmed the video footage showed the touching continued for about 25 minutes.

Greyling said the school’s boarding master came across the scenes on November 3 when was looking at security footage after being told that bags have been stolen from the hostel.

Greyling described the disturbing footage: “What I saw was fondling and inappropriate behavior and touching. It was the inappropriate touching of genitalia.

He (The pupil) didn’t look comfortable with it to be honest. Why he didn’t get up and leave the room while this was happening to him I wouldn’t know.”

The boy’s mother was called on the night the footage was discovered.

“She was devastated. He (The pupil) was unsettled. He didn’t realize it has been seen and that it was going to be brought out into the open, he was very quiet”

The school also called the police that night. They viewed the footage before arresting the coach.

The coach was arrested in November last year and a month later granted bail of R3 000.

According to the report the case which will be transferred to the High court in Johannesburg is being handled by senior state advocate Arveena Persad.

Excerpt Sunday Times..




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