Snow. Picture: Freeimages.com.

CAPE TOWN – The Western Cape could receive its first dusting of snow of the season this Thursday.

A cold front is forecast to make landfall later this week bringing with it much-needed rain to the province.

Forecaster Rian Smit says Capetonians must brace themselves for chilly weather.

“Temperatures are dropping in Cape Town on Thursday down to the mid-teens. As the cold air spreads out eastward, there’s a possibility of light snow on our mountains, which will be on the highest mountain peaks.”

There has been a considerable change in the forecast over the last 24 hours, and as we get closer to the event, we expect the forecast to be more accurate and hold more true. We will update each day going forward. As can been seen on the forecast map, we are now expecting snow in the WC, EC, NC, FS, Lesotho and KZN. The cold and wet weather will arrive in the WC during Thursday morning, with the first light snowfalls being expected on Thursday afternoon in the WC. Thursday night

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PHOTO: Snow. Picture: Freeimages.com.


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