PHOTO: Gys Visser
CAPE TOWN – The blood flowed “like a waterfall” from the top floor when Teresa van Breda’s body was moved so that rescuers could get to her 16-year-old daughter, Marli.

Former paramedic Christiaan Koegelenberg testified in the Cape Town High Court on Tuesday about what he and his colleague saw when they arrived at the Van Breda residence on the De Zalze estate, the morning of January 27, 2015.

“When we got there, the policeman showed us what was going on. He took us into the house at number 12 [Goske Street]. He told us to go look at what was going on because everything ‘was deurmekaar’,” he said.

He added that when 55-year-old Teresa’s body was moved, “blood ran down the stairs like a waterfall”.

“One of the patients was sitting outside by the door holding a dog,” he said.

He confirmed that the patient was indeed Henri, but says the 22-year-old looks much older than he did that night.

His colleague was investigating the boys’ room and signalled to him that Martin (54) and Rudi (22) van Breda were dead. Christiaan saw that Marli was still alive.

“When we moved the bodies, the blood flowed like a waterfall,” says ambulance driver on scene in triple murder case. @TimesLIVE

They carried her to the ambulance and took her to Stellenbosch Mediclinic where she was left in a doctor’s care.

“This was one of the worst incidents I had ever seen in my 39 years experience,” testified Christiaan.

When speaking outside the court, after his testimony, Christiaan said that Marli would have died if it was not for him and his colleague.

Christiaan Koegelenberg says seeing scene photos hit him hard. Marli would’ve died if it weren’t for him and his partner, he adds.

PHOTO: Gys Visser

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