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MINERTON,TABLE VIEW – A warning has been issued to the general public after criminals, dressed in cops’ uniform, were found to be impersonating police.

In one reported case, criminals attempted to rob a homeowner in Arum Road, Table View.

Milnerton Cluster commander Major General Aneeqah Jordaan, this week expressed concern about this type of crime.

She is therefore encouraging homeowners to always ask police officers for their appointment certificate, should they arrive at a person’s home unexpectedly.

“If the officer cannot provide this card, do not allow them to access to your home,” she says.

Jordaan adds that obtaining a uniform is simple.

“Suspects can obtain uniforms by stealing them from washing lines,” she says.

Captain Adriana Chandler, police spokesperson, says over the past few years, several cases of people impersonating police officers have been brought to the attention of the Table View and Milnerton police.

“In Table View, three men, two of whom were wearing police uniforms, gained access to premises in Arum Road by pretending to be police officers.

“The suspects were attempting to rob the homeowner when she pressed the panic button, which then activated the alarm,” chandler says.

The Suspects fled the scene empty handed in a white vehicle.

In Minerton another man was arrested for wearing a police uniform. The suspect was said to be boasting to his neighbours that he was a police officer.

“The fake cop was reported to the Milnerton police after attempting to bribe one of his neighbours. He was arrested and the uniforms confiscated,” Chandler says.

Lianne Lippert, chairperson of the Milnerton community policing Forums, says it is good news that fake police are being arrested. “It is scary, however, not knowing who the real police are, as generally speaking we have been thought to trust all police, Lippert says.


-Tableview Tyger-Burger

PHOTO: SAPS. Supplied



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