SHANGHAI – Jieming Sun, 27, had been working for two-and-a-half years after graduating when he decided to embark on the epic journey 16 months ago.

“I was getting tired of my job and I wasn’t learning anything new and a friend suggested I join him on a motorcycle trip to London and I decided to do it and the other reason was to challenge myself and see what I can do if even such a trip was possible.”

Sun and a friend rode to London from China by motorcycle, to get a taste of what the journey would be like.

His friend flew back, but Sun was in love with the road, craving more.

Having always been fascinated by Africa, Sun spent some time in France learning French before heading south for West Africa.

“It’s been pretty awesome, and great, the experience has exceeded my expectations and I think the most interesting, valuable experience has been the people I’ve met and the kindness I’ve been shown,” he said.

“People taking me in when they have no reason to, and they just opened up their houses and hearts to me. I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to deal with people and situations. It’s been a great learning experience although I can’t quantify how it will help me in future.

“There hasn’t been really anything bad about the experience.

“Before I started the trip I thought that crossing the borders would be hard with a lot of people trying to scam me but in reality it has been ‘learn as you go’.

“The borders, so far it has been great, it has been easier than expected, it might take a few hours but you gotta smile and be patient. I think it has to do with your attitude.

“I think I’ve had a great attitude up to now. I’m not in a rush to get anywhere.”

Sun’s itchy feet are already calling him to leave Cape Town for Durban, and once he returns to China, he’s already got another job lined up.

“Everyone can do a trip like this, and for ones’ who haven’t travelled, if you actually do it, it turned out to be quite easy. Before I did it I asked someone who did it do, and then I asked him about.

“He said that you could get on your bike and leave the next day, and I didn’t believe him, but that is exactly how it’s been. Now that I’ve been on the road, you really can leave the next day, you’ll sort things out as you go along and then make your way,” Sun said.

“You just have to be determined to do it, and be curious.”

-Independent Online

You can access Jieming’s blog here:


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