FILE: The Parliament of South Africa. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN – Organisers of an anti-crime march in Cape Town’s CBD say the demonstration is not politically affiliated.

The New Age newspaper and television news station ANN7, in collaboration with the Western Cape policing forum, are set to march against gang violence on Thursday morning.

They will later hand over a memorandum to Police Minister Fikile Mbalula at Parliament.

The march is being held under the banner: “It ain’t gangster to kill your own”.

The demonstration sets out to highlight the plight of residents in Cape Town’s high crime communities.

Organisers believe they have to use the Freedom Day platform to speak out against their lack of freedom as a result of criminal activity.

New Age circulation manager Unis Mohedeen explains: “This is no political march. This a march for the people, demanding the safety and protection of all citizens. We have witnessed so many killings where children have been hit by stray bullets or used as shields by gangsters.”

The City of Cape Town has approved a march for 20,000 people between 10am and 2pm.



-Eye Witness News

PHOTO: The Parliament of South Africa. Picture: EWN


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