FILE: Nuclear power plant. Picture: Free Images.

CAPE TOWN – Opposition parties have welcomed Wednesday’s High Court ruling in the Western Cape that’s put all of government’s nuclear plans on hold.

The Democratic Alliance (DA), the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF),the United Democratic Movement (UDM) and the Congress of the People (Cope) have all hailed Judge Lee Bozalek’s ruling as a victory for ordinary South Africans.

Government’s declaration announcing its nuclear plans, as well as all agreements signed to date to buy nuclear power, have all been declared invalid, unconstitutional and have been set aside.

The EFF says government’s nuclear plans are not about improving the lives of South Africans, but rather furthering the interests of a corrupt government.

Cope is calling on government not to appeal the ruling and says it should be spending more on housing and healthcare instead.

The UDM says the ruling is a lesson that government must consult citizens before entering deals.

The DA’s Gordon McKay agrees.

“Government, if we need a nuclear deal, will have to include public participation far more extensively than it is has done so far. That is the victory we must focus on.”

Government is yet to officially respond to the ruling.


-Eye Witness News

PHOTO: Nuclear power plant. Picture: Free Images.


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