Video thumbnail for Van Breda asked to pleadVan Breda

CAPE TOWN – Axe murder accused Henri van Breda has pleaded not guilty to killing his parents and brother, and attempting to murder his sister.

On Monday his lawyer recounted to the Western Cape High Court what happened the night his parents and brother were killed two years ago.

Van Breda has entered a plea explanation.

His lawyer is telling the court how an ‘attacker in a balaclava’ cleaved away at his family members with an axe, while laughing.

He says he fought off the attacker.


Van Breda

Van Breda says he passed out and when he woke up, he saw his sister moving.

And his brother was making gurgling sounds.

He says he panicked and had a cigarette to calm down.

Van Breda was arrested 17 months after his parents and brother were killed in their luxury De Zalze golf estate home in Stellenbosch in 2015.

He’s also facing charges for obstructing the course of justice.




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