Pesticides. Picture: Facebook.

CAPE TOWN – The City of Cape Town says it will continue with law enforcement operations to stop the sale of illegal pesticides.

This comes after an Environmental Health and Law Enforcement raid at the Philippi Train Station found several traders selling illegal poisons on Friday.

Aldicarb, a toxic pesticide that was banned more than 15 years ago, was among those discovered at the station.

The City found this poison to have been the cause of the deaths of two young children in Samora Machel two weeks ago.

The City’s JP Smith says officials will continue clamping down on traders to eradicate the availability of illegal toxins such as Aldicarb.

Smith says they hope to prevent any more incidents such as the one in Samora Machel.

“There are poisons which can be used for pests which are safe, which if ingested by a human, will not cause death. These ‘Two-Step’ poisons and others are extremely dangerous and should not be sold anywhere.”

Smith says a toxicology report has revealed the children, aged four and six, who had died after eating a meal about two weeks ago, had traces of Aldicarb in their system.

Several family members had to be rushed to hospital for food poisoning after eating the same meal.

The Philippi train station where the vendors operate is situated close to where the family live.

Police are still investigating the children’s deaths.

-Eye Witness News

PHOTO: Pesticides. Picture: Facebook.


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