CAPE TOWN – A building was on fire in Braamfontein on Tuesday afternoon.
The buildings close to a Braamfontein office park which caught alight on Tuesday were being evacuated.

“I am evacuating the building right now as we speak‚” Isaac Mangena‚ spokesman for Oxfam SA‚ said.

The building which had caught alight housed the SA National Blood Services and Nedbank‚ Mangena said.

A fire broke out at a rooftop of Forum A, Braampark, in Braamfontein. “The roof from forum A, which is the FNB administration back office. I was by fourth floor, and the fire started burning from sixth floor which is the rooftop and we were in the fourth floor. There was a construction on the roof. It was during our lunch hour hence we could immediately detect it and we evacuated as soon as we could,” said 27 year-old eyewitness Telly Nematandani.

It is just behind the iconic Johannesburg Theatre.

Other companies which are in the same office park are Old Mutual and the SA Human Rights Commission.

Earlier‚ Synock Matobako of the Johannesburg EMS told TimesLive that they were unsure whether there were any people trapped in the building.

He and other paramedics were rushing to the scene.




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