CAPE TOWN – European cities dominate a new ranking of the most millennial-friendly destinations around the world, with Amsterdam topping the leader board.

For the list, analysts looked at standard measurements like affordability, openness, tolerance, employment, and transportation, but also considered everything from nightlife, LGBT-friendliness and contraception access to beer and festival scores for their target demographic.

There’s even an “Apple store” ranking that measures the number of Apple stores per capita — an indicator of a city’s technological engagement and investment.

The ranking was compiled by Nestpick, an aggregator of furnished apartments across Europe used primarily by students.
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Amsterdam performed particularly well in areas like its LGBT scene, festivals, immigration tolerance, start-up scene, and tourism, giving the Dutch capital a leading edge over cities like Berlin, Munich, Lisbon and Antwerp which round out the top five spots.

Cape Town, the only South African city to make the list, came in at No. 77. The Mother City scored highly when it came to gender equality, having affordable food — and beer — prices, plenty of music festivals and a large number of start-up companies.

The highest-ranking North American city to make the cut is Vancouver, which squeezed into the 10th spot, followed by Montreal (15th).

The highest-ranked American city is Austin, Texas, which sits at No. 41, and Bangkok is the first Asian city to crack the list at No. 47.

“Millennials travel more at a younger age than any of their preceding generations,” said Omer Kucukdere in a statement.

“This gives them the possibility to find the perfect city for their personal needs. With aging populations cities must cater to the millennial demographic in order to sustain a thriving economy.”

Here are the top 10 cities for millennials, according to Nestpick:

1) Amsterdam
2) Berlin
3) Munich
4) Lisbon
5) Antwerp
6) Barcelona
7) Lyon
8) Cologne
9) Paris
10) Vancouver

For the full list visit

-Excerpt: Sunday Times

PHOTO: With high beer and festival rankings, Cape Town offers plenty for millennials to do in their down time. Image: Supplied


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