Table Mountain Cape Town. Picture: Wikimedia Commons.

CAPE TOWN – The City of Cape Town hopes to start exploring for water from the Table Mountain aquifers by the end of June.

It’s accelerating its emergency supply schemes to deal with ever declining dam levels.

The daily consumption target is also expected to be lowered by 100 million litres per day to 600 million litres.

Over the past week, water consumption dropped below 700 million litres per day for the first time since water restrictions were introduced last year.

The City says it wants to adopt a cautionary approach to determining water yield from the Table Mountain aquifers, to prevent over abstraction and environmental damage.

The aquifers are expected to yield about two million litres a day.

Meanwhile, the City says residents should not be alarmed if they experience reduced or very low water pressure especially in the central and southern suburbs.

Mayoral spokesperson Zara Nicholson says: “We have begun by controlling the supply from the reservoirs, reducing the pressure at the reservoir itself. It’s estimated that this is saving nearly 25 million litres of water per day.”

The preliminary phase of water reclamation projects is also underway with the hope of delivering high quality potable water by mid-2018.

-Eye Witness News

PHOTO: Table Mountain Cape Town. Picture: Wikimedia Commons.


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