With the Easter holidays in full swing‚ families are often on the lookout for some entertaining activities.
Consider embarking on an educational route in Cape Town. Three essential places to check out include the Prestwich Place Memorial‚ the Bo Kaap Museum‚ and the Slave Lodge Museum.

Prestwich Place Memorial may look like an ordinary cafe‚ but what lies beyond the coffee shop is anything but typical. Behind the cafe is an ossuary that stores some 4‚500 boxes of skeletal remains from slaves and marginalised peoples of Cape Town dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries.

“The memorial gives one a good opportunity to learn about the past and about the lives of the early inhabitants of the area” said Councillor Suzette Little.

Moving up towards the mountain‚ the Iziko Bo Kaap Museum is the next destination on the educational excursion route.

Historically tourists have viewed the neighborhood of Bo Kaap from a tour bus‚ as if driving through Kruger Park. But‚ the museum’s multi-media exhibition displays the Malay culture of Bo Kaap as the diverse‚ vibrant‚ and dynamic community that it is.

Photographs and filmed interviews allow visitors to get an insight to the histories‚ stories‚ and experiences of the Bo Kaap residents themselves.

Also part of the Iziko Museums of South Africa‚ the Slave Lodge Museum is another on the route. According to Brighton Khoza of Iziko Museums: “The Slave Lodge Museum is a space that connects us to our slave roots and raises awareness of issues of human rights‚ equality and justice.”

Khoza explained that locals can explore countless aspects of history‚ identity and culture through exhibitions. “My Naam is Februarie: Identities Rooted in Slavery brings into memory the forgotten history of slavery‚ when the names of the enslaved were stripped away and they were renamed for the month they arrived at the Cape of Good Hope.”

In order to make their exhibits accessible to all South Africans the Iziko Museums offer free entry to students and senior citizens on Fridays‚ discounted rates for family tickets‚ and half-price entry for children and accompanying adults during school holidays. The museums are also open on Friday (Good Friday) and Monday (Family Day).


In association with Times Live

PHOTO: Table Mountain Cable Way 
Image by: Picture: ESA ALEXANDER


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