CAPE TOWN- Eskom  officials working at the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station (KNPS) are smiling from ear to ear after it was named the power station of the year.

The announcement was made by the plant mamager, Velaphi Ntuli during the quarterly Koeberg public safety forum (KPSIF) meeting held last week.

In his address, Ntuli explained this award, which came in the form of a large floating trophy, was in addition to Koeberg receiving the supervisor of the year award with a chairman’s award for previous plant manager, Reidewaan Bakardien.

Ntuli also gave feedback on the plant’s performance, saying that since the previous meeting in November, there had been no nuclear safety concerns and no lost time or injury, and both units were performing well. He went on to explain that Unit 1 had been online for 145 days Since it’s last outage, followed by Unit 2, which had ben online for 475 days. The current record for Unit 2 is 478 days, and Ntuli explain that as they hope to surpass the previous record.

Applause was heard from those present when Ntuli revealed that in the latest peer review by the World ASSOCIATION OF Nuclear Operators (WANO), which was recently at Koeberg for two weeks to assess the plant and its operations , Koeberg received is best rating ever.

Responding to earlier questions raised about the loss of highly skilled license operators to other countries, Ntuli said while Koeberg had previously lost staff that went to work in Abu Dhabi, management had worked hard in recent months to formulate a retention plan.

He explained that in the last four months thy had managed to retain all their operators.

“What is encouraging to note is that we had two gentlemen who were offered jobs in other countries but refused and chose to stay at Koeberg. In a month’s time we will be getting six new operators, provided they pass the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) exams”.

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He says during last year, the loss of operators was considered a major challenge, but he believes it gave credibility to the skills of the operators at Koeberg.

The KPSIF meeting is held at the plant near Melkbostrand four times per year and is aimed at creating a platform for the residents within he municipal boundries of the plant to make enquieires and eecieve nuclear safety-related information the report said.


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FEATURED IMAGE: Photo of Koeberg Nuclear Power Station near Melkbostrand, Cape Town. Credit: ExpressCapetown.


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