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A leader of the Fancy Boys gang and one of the first gangsters in Cape Town to be convicted under the Prevention of Organised Crime Act (Poca) has been killed, apparently in a battle relating to a club security turf war.

Shamiel Eyssen, 45, was shot dead in Bishop Lavis on Saturday at 15:00.

Sources have told News24 that his murder is linked to a major power tussle over the lucrative nightclub security industry playing out in the city centre.

One faction in the underworld has for long dominated the scene, but a new faction, headed by three men – the brother of an alleged gang boss, a businessman and an apparent player in international organised crime – is now becoming more powerful.

The power struggle has seen scores of men being brought into the city each night to ensure the new faction takes the control of club security from them.

News24 understands that after the city centre was targeted on Friday and Saturday night, the Table View area was targeted in the early hours of Sunda

The ructions in the underworld have had a ripple effect on at least two gangs in the province as the brother of the alleged gang boss, who some claim is also a gangster belonging to another grouping, has now turned on his brother.

Eyssen, according to sources, was recently released from jail and is the first victim of the fighting.

He was apparently linked to the old underworld faction.


In 2007 Eyssen was convicted of racketeering, in a case that marks the first time the Poca was used to convict anyone for membership of a criminal gang.

He was a member of a housebreaking syndicate which targeted wealthy homes.

On Saturday, police spokesperson sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana confirmed Eyssen’s murder.

“Three unidentified suspects … . fled the scene in a silver Toyota Yaris. Circumstances surrounding this incident are under investigation,” she said.


Harbin Opera House, designed by the group Mad Architects, goes outside the box of modern architecture with its awesome infrastructure.
The club security tussle started last week.


Nafiz Modack, who was previously linked to an alleged scam involving luxury cars, is apparently the ringleader of the new grouping which has taken on the old grouping.

Asked on Friday via email if it was true that he and his allies had taken control of security of at least 25 clubs in the city centre, Modack replied: “All the owners agreed and it will create jobs for the local people ,and security ,who was neva given the opptunity to work in there own home town [sic].”

A number of clubs previously employed foreigners as security guards.

News24 understands the fight over the lucrative industry started last Wednesday at auctions involving two of Modack’s properties in the northern suburbs.

A massive brawl had broken out at the second property in Parow on Wednesday.

Key figures

Controversial businessmen, including Mark Lifman and Andre Naude, who previously ran a nightclub security operation which was shut down as it was not registered as required by law, were present when this had happened.

Lifman’s presence at the auctions had apparently rubbed Modack up the wrong way.

On Wednesday, Modack had admitted to News24 that this had led to a further clash – several men had later gone on to try and storm a strip club in the city centre to take over security.

“I did warn them u wana take wats mine il take wats yours 2nyt an I dun just that , im no gangster im a businessman and only fear god no one else [sic],” Modack had said.

He later went on to say that clubs were being taken over to ensure patrons were safe again.

Authorities are aware of the situation.


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